Hair Extensions & Wigs

Cinderella Hair represents the most advanced hair extension system available today. We use the finest and highest quality of human hair. Only specially selected 100% human hair is utilized and the possibilities of creating exciting new style is limitless.

Hair strains are tipped with the special composition of organic protein which gives a totally natural feel to the hair without damaging the client’s existing hair.

With this hair extension system you can add volume, length and body. Clients can get permanent waved, relaxed, colored, highlighted and styled the same as their natural hair. Not only that young teen can add so many fun colors without coloring and damaging their own natural hair.

Those hair extensions normally last from 4 to 6 months and can be easily removed without damaging the client’s natural hair.

We also offer seamless tape Extensions which can last 2 months. It can be reused for few times that adds up length & thickness to your hair. Ideal for people who want to add volume and length for weddings or special occasions.

Price will be determined at the time of consultation according to the needs of client. We have a separate room for our client’s privacy.

  • Cinderella hair extensions are available in:

    • Seventy Two (72) colors; consist of black, blond and red.
    • Three Textures – Fine, Medium and Coarse
    • Three Shapes – Straight, Body Wave and Curly
    • Multiple Lengths – From 8” to 24“ long